A Guide to Buying and Using Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

Travel is already expensive enough, isn’t it? The cost of air fare, cruises, hotels, ground transportation, food and activities and entertainment are already high enough. I don’t know about you, but I work hard for my money, and when I travel, I want to keep as much of my money in MY pocket as possible. Is travel insurance a necessity or a luxury? Why not cut a few corners here and there. Why buy something if it’s not really needed?
My personal answer is, of course, that I am not independently wealthy and can’t withstand the potential financial losses I would incur if I require medical care while I’m traveling. Not being independently wealthy also means that I’m in the market for adequate but cheap travel insurance. I suspect that you are in the same position, so you, too need cheap travel insurance. If you’re still not sure about that, consider the following.
Did you know that if you get sick or are injured while traveling abroad, your medical plan may not cover all the expenses you will incur? If the costs of treatment are higher than the maximums of your medical plan, you will be responsible for the difference, unless you have already purchased travel insurance. In fact, you may not even be admitted into hospitals in some countries without proof that you have health or medical insurance.
This is true for everyone, regardless of age or length of time abroad. Suppose you fall ill just a few hours after arriving at your destination. Or suppose you make a day-trip to another country, and you are injured in a traffic accident. Or suppose one of your children is part of a group making a class visit abroad, gets food poisoning and requires hospitalization. In all cases, without adequate travel health insurance, you will be responsible for the costs above and beyond the limitations of your existing medical plan.
Therefore, before going abroad, you need to make sure that you are adequately covered by travel medical insurance that won’t break your budget. You should check to see if appropriate coverage is already available to you through your medical plan, employee benefits, or even through a credit card. If the coverage is sufficient for your needs, then you can enjoy your trip without incurring the extra expense of travel insurance. However, if you are not sure of your coverage, or if your coverage is inadequate or non-existent, then your next step should be to research and purchase the travel insurance coverage you need.
How Much Can You Expect To Pay?
When I bought my first plane ticket to China a few years ago it cost around $2000 round-trip, and my travel insurance cost me over $500 because I didn’t shop around for cheap travel insurance online.
A few years later, a little bit older and wiser, and my travel insurance for another trip to China cost me much less–about $300 for roughly the same coverage. The difference? Before buying my travel insurance for the second trip, I shopped around online and got the coverage I needed, at the right price. If I’d have purchased my travel insurance for this latest trip from my travel agent, it would’ve cost me about $600 for the trip, and my plane tickets only cost $1,500! Not exactly the smart way to go.
So how much will it cost you? Not as much money as it will cost you if you get sick or injured abroad and you don’t have any travel insurance coverage! That’s the obvious answer to the question.
In fact, how much travel insurance costs will depend on your age and the type of coverage you choose. Basic policies cost as little as $5.50 USD per $1000 of coverage. On the other hand, you can expect a full coverage policy to cost you from 7 to 10% of the cost of your trip, depending on your age. The older you are, the more you will pay. No matter what the cost of the policy, however, it’s sure to be much less than the cost of medical evacuation!
The good news is that you can easily, conveniently and quickly research and locate excellent but cheap online travel insurance and reduce the costs while making an informed purchase. This is much better than taking what you are offered at the travel agency because you can choose from hundreds of travel insurance companies and polices and save yourself a lot of money in the process. One place you can start your search is at Travel Insurance Central, [http://www.travel-insurance-central.com]
What You Should Consider When Buying Travel Insurance
To assist you in your research, here are some suggestions to help you make an informed purchase.
1. Consider the worst-case scenario. If you can financially withstand the worst-case scenario then maybe you don’t need travel insurance or maybe you don’t need a comprehensive policy.
2. Make sure the policy you are considering provides adequate medical/dental coverage, including medical evacuation coverage just in case you need medical care in a place where the best treatment available is below the standards you are accustomed to in your country. This can happen if you fall ill in a developing country or even on a cruise ship.
3. Check your existing insurance policies for possible coverage. There is no sense in paying more for what you already have in your homeowner or tenant policy, such as theft and loss coverage.
4. If you are a frequent traveler, you should consider annual or year-round travel insurance policies. Sometimes they are called multi-trip travel insurance policies. Whatever the name, these policies can be relatively cheap when compared to single-trip travel insurance policies.
5. Know what you are buying, so read the fine print. Make sure that you understand what the company considers to be a legitimate reason for cancellation or interruption. If the list is too restrictive, maybe you should consider another policy.
6. Don’t restrict yourself to buying only from your travel agent. He/She will probably only have one company’s product(s) available, and it’s there for your convenience, but that convenience can be quite costly!
7. Ask lots of questions about the coverage. Play the “what if” game. Ask for clear explanations of terminology. Make sure that you and the travel insurance company are speaking the same language.
8. Don’t buy the insurance through your transportation provider. If the airline goes bankrupt, how adequate will your insurance coverage be?
Once You’ve Bought Your Travel Insurance
Remember that your travel insurance policy covers you between certain specific dates, so don’t start your trip early or extend your trip without first changing the dates of coverage on your travel insurance policy. Of course, this might cost you extra, but that’s cheaper than finding yourself without coverage when you need it the most.
Also, it almost goes without saying that you should bring your travel insurance policy with you when you go abroad. You can’t consult the policy if it’s sitting on your desk at home. You should also carry your travel insurance company’s toll-free assistance phone number and other contact information with you wherever you go. It does you no good if you get ill or hurt and the necessary policy information is sitting in your hotel room. It’s also a good idea to bring your regular medical coverage cards and info with you.
I hope these tips will help you by the best travel insurance for you. Then take your trip with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are insured by the right travel insurance policy at the right price. Bon voyage!

By : John M. Bartanus
(source: http://www.aseantourism.info/date/2012/03)

Travel Canada - Summer 2012

Summer is almost here and, if you haven't done so already, it's time to plan some fun holidays. Here are a few exciting options that you probably haven't thought about.

For the nature lover:
  • Explore Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. If you are making the trip to Nova Scotia this summer you don't want to miss this tranquil park that is filled with lakes and wildlife. Kejimkujik is the only Parks Canada site which is designated both a National Park and a National Historic Site.
  • Kananaskis Country is often overshadowed by its proximity to Banff, but this is a special part of the world. Over 4000 square kilometres of wild surroundings are filled with grizzly and black bears, cougars, elks, lynx and moose. Play golf on two stunning golf courses where each shot fades into the backdrop of towering mountains.
  • Billy Bowman's Camp is located on the shores of Weller's Bay in Southern Ontario. Rent a rustic cottage on the water and enjoy great swimming, sensational fishing and water skiing.

Health and Spirituality:
  • Grail Springs is an award-winning holistic, health spa and wellness retreat. It's situated in the mineral capital of Canada beside a spring-fed lake only 2.5 hours from Toronto. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest, trails, wildlife and meditation gardens, this environment makes for the perfect place to reconnect with 'Heaven on Earth'

Something a little more extravagant:
  • The Rimrock Resort Hotel, a Four Diamond award-winning hotel, is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies where uncompromised luxury and natural splendour come together in perfect harmony. Perfect for special occasions or if you just want a magical getaway, the Rimrock looks down on the picturesque town of Banff and is surrounded by mountains of nature.

Music lover:
  • Sled Island Music and Art Festival is 'one of the coolest festivals in North America': Sled Island Website. Spanning 4 days from June 20-23, 2012 at over 25 venues across Calgary with over 300 amazing artists. People ride bikes across the city to bars, churches, the Legion, clubs to see artists like Feist, Thurston Moore, the Hold Steady, Stephen Malkmus, Timber Timbre, Tim Hecker and so much more.

Travel in Style:
  • CanaDream RV and Camper Rentals is a unique way to travel in style and at your own pace. There are 8 gateway locations across Canada making it easy to start in one city and end in another: CanaDream Montreal. You don't have to worry about booking hotels; you can take the luxury with you, wherever you go.

Monumental Event:
  • 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. This is going to be huge. People from all over will be coming to witness this historic event. The Centennial Stampede is built on three pillars: showcasing Alberta to the world; creating an experience of a lifetime; and building a lasting legacy. During July 6-15, 2012 you want to make sure you are in Calgary: Calgary Stampede Site

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